Benevolence Ministry

We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves. Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up.

Romans 15:1-2

Meeting the Needs

The Benevolence Team exists to extend help to our congregation and throughout the community by offering both financial and spiritual help. We will try to meet the needs first of every member and secondly of regular attendees and the community. By doing so, we use the resources God has given us to actively demonstrate the love of Christ.

Our primary focus is on assisting members of The Rock with assistance of basic needs; rental assistance, utilities’, and food. Assistance in other areas of needs that might avoid a negative effect on the individual members life will be considered on an as needed bases. If a member needs a bus pass to get to work and have no other means of transportation a monthly bus pass will be provided.

Although the Benevolence Team was created primarily to consider the needs of members of The Rock, the team also works with regular attendees, and others being ministered to by church ministry staff. Usually, the stronger one’s association with the church, the stronger the benevolence team’s commitment will be to see that a particular primary need is met. When working with those who are not listed in the church database but who claim to be part of the church, Benevolence Team members will seek to validate that individual’s membership through the church membership database and by asking enough questions to properly discern the accuracy of the needs being presented.

Benevolence Funding

Benevolence is funded from a percentage of the operating budget and from gifts received and/or donated to the ministry.

Requesting Resources

The church requires that assistance may only be requested by a member of the congregation in writing by completing a Benevolence Investigative Report. Such a request shall be made after all other sources have been exhausted, including non-profit agencies, governmental entities, family, employers, an/or associates. Needs are filled related to: shelter, utilities, food. Request for assistance for other areas shall be considered on a case-by-case basis. Assistance may be provided at a pre-determined level, depending on the request. Assistance shall be provided per adult member. A family may unite and request assistance for each adult member.

Member Requirements

Once annually a member can be granted assistance. A member must be in good standing with The Rock. This means that they must have completed new members orientation, be active in ministry and must give of their time, talents and tithes to the church. It is also required that members are active in service to the mission of the church for six months prior to the request.

Provision of Community Resources Listing

Through its external connections, the ministry via its members shall maintain an updated listing of community resources that provide services needed by members requesting assistance.


The Ministry shall maintain all requests and track the frequency and type of assistance requested by each individual who makes a request for benevolence. Each individual will be required to provide all required documentation necessary to access feasibility of meeting the need. Failure to provide the required documentation may result in the denial of assistance. All documentation provided will be held in strict confidence and not made available outside of the ministry, except as required by law to be released.


The Ministry will retain records for up to ten (10) years for all requests received, whether funded or denied. Access to these records shall be limited to the ministry unless required by law to be released.

Contacting the Benevolence Team

Members of The Rock and the nearby community are welcome to contact the Benevolence Team by contacting the church office by phone at 972.241.6151 or by email at